rimlist.com was first registered as a domain in 2009. At the time, craigslist was one of the dominant "internet local" marketplaces and RIMLIST sought to be the same type of destination for aftermarket wheel enthusiasts. To date, RIMLIST has been written in four programming languages, re-written eight times, and in 2022 has now finally seen the light of day without being taken down after a week!

Reimagined as a source for information and fitment tools, RIMLIST is on a mission to be the best site on the internet for aftermarket wheel fitment, aftermarket wheel history, and eventually, the best place to purchase aftermarket wheels. The journey is already over a decade old, but RIMLIST is just getting started.

Founder, Steven Chen

RIMLIST is a division of Emotive Engineering, an automotive performance shop in Belmont, California. Founded by Steven Chen, RIMLIST builds on deep experience in tuning everything from sport compacts and muscle cars, to euros and trucks. Steven's past non-OEM wheel setups have included:

... and he continues to buy new and used wheels to this day, much to his wife's dismay.

Reach out to Steven for fitment advice, vehicle, or feature requests at steven@rimlist.com.